BuddhistRoad Guest Lectures

2024-01-31: Neil Schmid (Dunhuang/Bochum)

Dunhuang Material Culture, Its Creation and Use

2024-01-24: Yuewei Wang (Paris)

Mountain God, Celestial God, and Kingship: The Non-Buddhist Tradition in Dunhuang Tibetan Documents

2024-01-10: Neil Schmid (Dunhuang/Bochum)

Life Cycles: Calendars, Festivals and Death at Dunhuang

2023-12-13: Neil Schmid (Dunhuang/Bochum)

Connections with the Divine: Religious Life in Dunhuang

2023-12-06: Allan Ding (Chicago)

Light from the North —Tibetan Manuscripts from the Northern-Sector Caves at Dunhuang and their Significance

2023-05-17: Ma Fu (Beijing)

Newly Discovered Old Uyghur Manuscripts: Practice and Rituals of the Uyghur Buddhists

2023-04-19: Joanna Bialek (Berlin)

Why did Books come down from the Sky? Or is there a Grain of Truth in an Old Buddhist Literary Topos?

2023-04-12: Maho Iuchi (Kyoto)

Post-imperial Tibetan History and Karakhoto Texts

2023-02-22: Alla Sizova (St. Peterburg)

Tibetan Translation of the Uṣṇīṣavijāyadhāraṇīsūtra Produced in the Tangut Empire

2023-02-08: Reinier Langelaar (Vienna)

Avalokiteśvara in Dunhuang and Tibet: The Development of a Bodhisattva's Mythology

2023-02-02: Alexander Zorin (Jerusalem)

Tibetan Texts on the Cult of Vajravārāhī from Karakhoto

2023-01-25: Federico Dragoni (Leiden)

Religious and Linguistic Exchanges Between the North and the South of the Tarim Basin: Tocharians and Khotanese in Contact (5th–10th C.)

2022-12-14: Birgit Angelika Schmidt (Berlin)

Investigations into the Material and Production of Buddhist Clay-based Sculptures from the Northern Silk Road —A Methodological Approach

2022-11-09: Robert Sharf, Nobuyoshi Yamabe, Carmen Meinert, and Henrik H. Sørensen

A Discussion of Form and Function Regarding the Buddhist Cave Sites along the Silk Road

2022-10-26: Yi Allan Ding (Chicago)

Feasting with a Maṇḍala: Gaṇacakra-Related Texts from Dunhuang and Their Significance

2022-10-19: Neil Schmid (Dunhuang)

Dunhuang Performative Texts and Manuscript Studies

2022-09-14: Dylan Esler (Bochum)

Effortlessness in Early Dzogchen: Paradox, Demarcation and Transcending Process

2022-07-13: Marcus Bingenheimer (Philadelphia)

On the use of Historical Social Network Analysis in the Study of Chinese Buddhism

2022-06-29: Neil Schmid (Dunhuang)

Dunhuang and the Social Contract

2022-06-15: Gábor Kósa (Budapest)

The Refined Art of Manichaean Upāya: How Chinese Manichaeans Used Buddhism for Their Own Purposes

2022-05-25: Neil Schmid (Dunhuang)

Chinese Dunhuang Studies in the 21st Century: The Lay of the Land

2022-01-14: Cuilan Liu (Pittsburgh, PA)

Law and Slavery on the Silk Road: How Did Buddhist Monks and Nuns Participate in the Slave Trade?

2021-12-16: Constantino Moretti (Paris)

'Pièges à copistes' and Layout Variants in Dunhuang Buddhist Manuscripts

2021-12-09: Chung-pui Tai (Hong Kong)

Vajravārāhī in Tangut Buddhist Manuscript

2021-11-25: Cécile Ducher (Paris)

The Ngok Lineage: The Little-known Successors of Marpa Lotsaba’s (1000?–1081?, Tib. Mar pa lo tsā ba) and their Influence in Central and Eastern Tibet during the Early Second Millennium

2021-11-11: David Pritzker (Chicago)

Cavel Mural of Western Tibet

2021-11-10: Johan Elverskog (Berlin / Dallas, TX)

Why did the Uyghurs become Buddhist?

2021-10-28: Neil Schmid (Dunhuang)

Dunhuang Caves and the Aesthetics of Scale

2021-07-22: Yi Allan Ding (Chicago)

Reconciling the Irreconcilable? Revisiting the Dunwu dasheng zhengli jue 頓悟大乘正理决 [The Judgement on Sudden Awakening Being the True Principle of Mahāyāna] and the Samyé Debate in the 8th Century

2021-07-08: Charles DiSimone (Ghent)

Reading Too Closely: Observations on Manuscript Copying and Production in Gilgit and Greater Gandhāra

2021-06-10: Zhouyang Ma (Cambridge, MA)

Introduction to Speculative Thinking: An Unidentified Work in Tangut Translation of Maja Jangchup Tsöndrü (d. 1185, Tib. rMa bya Byangchub brtson 'grus)?

2021-04-22: Emanuela Garatti (Paris)

Mythical and Historical Discrepancies: Mythical and Historical Discrepancies: Chinese Princess Wencheng and the Princess of Jincheng as Presented in Old and Classical Tibetan and Chinese Sources

2021-02-26: Imre Galambos (Cambridge)

Moving out of the Tibetan Period: Stein Painting 3 from Dunhuang

2020-10-13: Channa Li (Vienna)

Toward building a Typology of Chos Grub's Calligraphy: Palaeographical Studies of the Tibetan Dunhuang Manuscripts Wirtten in the Monastic Style

2020-04-23: Lewis Doney (Trondheim)

Localising Tibetan Buddhism in Dunhuang

2018-10-23: Ruixuan Chen (Heidelberg)

Inside Out: The Story of a Pair of Wooden Book Covers from Ancient Khotan

2018-10-09: Haoran Hou (Leipzig)

A Glimpse into the Fire Offerings in the Tangut State: Homa Ritual in Text, Image, and Practice,

2018-06-26: Yukata Yoshida (Kyoto)

Some Problems Surrounding Sogdian Tantric Texts