This Google Sheet (click on screenshot for access) is a database listing all textual and visual primary sources dealt with in the BuddhistRoad Papers, encompassing information in four worksheets (see red circles in screenshot):

Names or inventory numbers may appear in various worksheets (e.g. author names may appear under worksheets manuscripts and persons).

Due to settings in Excel and Google Sheets, the numbering deviates from the conventional format (e.g. P. 1, P. 4, P. 11, P. 42, P. 100, P. 2104). Rather the format follows the following pattern: P. 1, P. 11, P. 100, P. 2104, P. 4, P. 42.

Furthermore, it is essential to emphasize that this database is not a citable source but rather a tool to facilitate targeted searches for information within the BuddhistRoad Papers.

This database is still work in progress. Further entries will follow soon.

You cannot edit the database, but you are welcome to leave comments directly in the Google Sheet or send us an email to (under subject BuddhistRoad Database).


Search example

You want to know something about P. 2104?

Information is found under the worksheet manuscripts. The object (first column) P. 2104 features different texts, including a hymn for the sixteen bodhisattvas (title/content). It is mentioned in at least three BuddhistRoad Papers (publications). P. 2104 is a manuscript in Chinese language and was written in Chinese script. The colophon on the recto of P. 2104 names Yuanshou (願受, alt. Yang Yuanshou 楊願受) as one author (more information about him can be found in worksheet persons).

The manuscript dates to 980 (dating/period) and was discovered in Dunhuang (place of discovery). A link to the IDP website is given as well as further notes and references. Since this manuscript was analysed in detail, one can find more entries for the other sections of P. 2104 as well. Entries for other sections follow the order: P. 2104, P. 2104R° (1), P. 2104V° (1), P. 2104V° (10), P. 2104V° (11), […], P. 2104V° (2), P. 2104V° (20), P. 2104V° (21) and so on.

You can also find a more detailed introduction and overview of how to use the Google Sheet database on YouTube.