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Cantwell, Cathy. "The Action Phurpa ('phrin las phur pa) from the Eightfold Buddha World, Embodying the Sugatas (bKa 'brgyad bDe gshegs 'dus pa), revealed by Nyang-rel Nyima Özer (1124-1192, Tib. Myang ral Nyi ma 'od zer)," BuddhistRoad Paper 7.2. 

Esler, Dylan. "The Phurpa Root Tantra of Nyang-rel Nyima Özer's (1124-1192), Tib Myang ral Nyi ma 'od zer) Eightfold Buddha Word, Embodying the Sugatas (Tib. bKa' brgyad bDe gshegs 'dus pa) Corpus: A Thematic Overview and Philological Analysis." BuddhistRoad Paper 7.1.

Kasai, Yukiyo, ed. “Dynamics, Stability& Tradition: The Role of the Religions of Iranian Speakers in Central and Eastern Asia." Entangled Religions 11.6 Special Issue.

Selected Articles:

Colditz, Iris. "Buddhist and Indian Elements in the Onomastics of the Iranian Manichaean Texts."

Deeg, Max. "The 'Brilliant Teaching': Iranian Christians in Tang China and Their Identity."

Hunter, Erica C.D. "Turfan: Connecting with Seleucia-Ctesiphon."