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Further Publications


Hjort Sørensen, Henrik. 2019a. Giving and the creation of merit: Buddhist donors and donor dedications from 10th century Dunhuang. BuddhistRoad paper.
---. 2019b. A Padmapāni spell-amulet from Dunhuang: Observations on OA 1919.0101.8.18.: BuddhistRoad paper presented at the 28th IABS Congress in Toronto, Aug. 2017. BuddhistRoad paper.
---. 2019c. On the decoding of a Daoist scripture: another look at the Buddhist elements in the Taishang dongxuan lingbao yebao yinyuan jing. Entangled religions 8.
---. 2019d. On the role of Chinese Buddhism as facilitator for foreign religions in Central and East Asia. Entangled religions.
---. 2019e. On meditation caves and cave-dwelling ascetics in Dunhuang, 9th to 13th Centuries. BuddhistRoad paper.
---. 2019f. Zhai Fengda and Buddhism in Dunhuang during the 10th century. BuddhistRoad paper.
---. 2019g. The Buddhist temples in Dunhuang: from the late Tang to the early northern Song. BuddhistRoad paper.
---. 2019h. The life and times of Daozhen, a Saṃgha leader and monk-official in Dunhuang during the 10th century. BuddhistRoad paper.
Meinert, Carmen und Henrik Hjort Sørensen, Hrsg. 2019. Establishing of Buddhist nodes in Eastern Central Asia 6th to 14th c.: part I: sacred space, pilgrimage, patronage, legitimation strategies.
O A. 2019. Donors and image at Dunhuang: a case study of OA 1919,0101,0.54. BuddhistRoad paper.


Meinert, Carmen, Henrik Hjort Sørensen, Erika Forte und Yukiyo Kasai. 2018. Dynamics in Buddhist transfer in Eastern Central Asia 6th-14th centuries: a project report by BuddhistRoad Team. Medieval worlds 8 (30. November): 126–134. doi:10.1553/medievalworlds_no8_2018s126,

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